Thursday, May 9, 2013

Speaking of Religion

GOD.. The Ultimate Tool, of DECEPTION!
It is a multi-purpose tool, it is that entity to blame when sh-t goes wrong, it is the entity to give credit to for great sex, it is the entity they lean upon for starting war, cause God said so!
Indeed the Ultimate Super hoax....

Semore Buttz So do you take the red pill or blue pill... Sure there are those that use GOD but watch where that gets them. A true believer is not scared to say, Mr. Valentine your fate has been sealed.. enjoy your ride.

Courtney Karl Ur so understanding Mr. Buttz, are u a member of the Westboro Baptist Church?

Semore Buttz No ithink they are idiots,

Michael A Valentine Oh I will Seymore! Do you know WHY? I know the Truth..... I know What god is!.. I know that The entity most perceive to be GOD is my b-tch!... The profound GOD has no more power than the tooth fairy!... NONE! Any GOD who would set fourth such rules of conduct, that violate the basic human nature or instinct is nothing less than a psychotic Tyrant, taking pleasure in the misery of his pets!

Semore Buttz If you really ask GOD he will let you know when and what to do just remember that.

Michael A Valentine Show me the evidence Seymore~
Because of all the data we know about GOD, printed in EVERY book of God,. God leaves a trail of Death and destruction... RELIGION has but one foundation that many people believe in, yet at the same time, many different structures (simple architect) that teach different rules and ethics of conduct!

Semore Buttz And it is seemore buttz not say more

Michael A Valentine I did Semore! and this is what I was given!

Semore Buttz Did GOD PRINT that book NO. It was writen by man so I don't trust these big churches that want money ...GOD only wants you to pay him with LOVE and to take care of those that really need it ..

Michael A Valentine I was once a naive person, believing the lie of GOD! I followed this for many years! I know what the book states, and I have been to many fellowship/prayer meetings... but one day... maybe you too may be fortunate to receive insite, and have an epiphany of your own!

Semore Buttz Mr. Valentine I'm the opposite of you I did not believe until the day I asked forgiveness and accepted GOD without going to church so believe what you will I still do not go to a church..

Michael A Valentine There is BUT one direct GOD that is greater than I! I call it the SUN... For it truely is the GOD of Our entire solar system! and if it should fail to shine, EVERY species upon every planet within would perish!... To understand Life and principal of any god... we must see beyond our own hemosphere!

Michael A Valentine There is No such place as HELL. and there is no such place as HEAVEN! There is NO Utopia! it is all about balance,.. and no one can hope to achive harmony without Balance~

Semore Buttz I will agree with balance but as for the rest no.

Semore Buttz That is where circle of life plays part to try and keep balance..

Michael A Valentine How can Heaven Exist? there is no balance within it~ Same for Hell, it shows NO balance!

Danny Perscini David, You are truly my biggest Hero. Keep up the great work! Thank You!!

Semore Buttz Mr.Valentine it is called your final destination.

Michael A Valentine No,.. that is called Fate!

Danny Perscini Don't confuse Religion with God (better known as the Universal Divine) It is fine to be SpirituaL.

Michael A Valentine This I am Danny!..

Michael A Valentine Spiritually inclined!

Michael A Valentine But the Cosmos have no room for "religion:

Michael A Valentine Q: How do you feel about death semore?
What is it really?
Do your fear it, or do you embrace it?
We shall ALL be a part of it at some point, there is no escaping death!
and GOD has NOTHING to do with it~

Danny Perscini I think you are a Taoist.. such as myself

Michael A Valentine perhaps a better question is:
What do you fear more.... Death or Dying? and why?

Michael A Valentine Taoist.. something I did not know... impressive!

Michael A Valentine I have heard of it.. after viewing the dets,. just did not know it was refered to as Taoism!

Michael A Valentine Well either way, people are free to believe what they choose!... the problem lies when their belief is forced upon others, such as religion and churches do!.. and it becomes a bigger problem when said person of such views becomes embodied with political powers, and then interweaves his/her beliefs into the system of law/governace...