Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cures and Remedies

There is no profit in remdies or cures!
America is a Corporations whore!
We invest billions in finding way to keep revenue flowing...
America wants return on its investments, and People are an investment, like cattle, corporations want return customers,.. America and its corporate Affilites cant get return customers by providing cures, or doing a job right or efficient.
Every virus has a cure/antidote.
The U.S and its affiliates generate/manufacture viruses.
just like Umbrella Corp in the movie/games "Resident Evil"
All Movies and games tell a conspiracy from within, but due to the nature of sensitivity and level of security and secrecy those who are in the know and believe you have a right to know have limited means of communicating the agenda or intent,,, so hollywood is the best place to communicate the information as long as it is classed "fiction" the producer faces no danger. regardless if it is in a novel, a movie, a song, or video game. those who are controlling the agenda, are NOT going to stand on a stage and confess their methods of intent... it is up to YOU as the viewer to interpret and perceive the very real potential threats they place before you..
If you cannot figue it out, you are deamed unworthy of survival.
You must analyze everything, read between the lines.
even the bible itself is not so clear in many scriptures, and is NOT meant to be interpreted as literal interpretation. the reader must make a responsible mature assesment.
You,.. As the public are warned, that is the only rule in their game,,, they must warn you of intent... and they do. via the Media and entertainment industry. For those who doubt, simply review your life,.. remember adsm movies, commercials, and even books, go back 20 30 40 years and those things you seen as only science fiction society now possesess or has the capabilities of!
There are alot of things just in technology we use that are pretty amazing right? That just the tech you are "aware" of!
do a simple youtube search for todays technology 2018+. see those things near furture has in store.
research Nikoli Tesla and the inventions of his time, all very real, but stolen and archived by the government!
People need to wake up to more than just your Gods or Christ.
Religion is but a mere principal to live by, just like table manners but it will not protect or save you from harm...religious people are victims just like the non believer to crimes. disease, viruses, illness, rape, robbery, slander. No one is exempt!
This is the real world with real actions. and those who posess the greater wealth do NOT have your best interest at heart!

Friday, April 13, 2018

War on Intelligence!

War is a Racket!
Those who want it are never in it!
They sit is their safe havens, Negotiating terrorism
having little to no concern for civilian casualties.
Rather than getting involved in other Countries affairs,
It would be a better stategy to practice defense of your
our Nation, and only use military intervention in defence and rataliatory actions!
Seems to be todays big issue, Nobody uses their own brain!
rather than think for themselve and use any collective reason
or method of logic, they would rather take media at its word, believing everything it spews.
MSMN (main stream media networks) are control parrots,
they say and report what their paid to report and nothing more.
if the agenda is guns, then the main new will be gun related issues, if the agenda is fear and terror then all they will report is terror related issues.
Many peole would like to argue our problems is based upon god being removed from schools, However the truth is, Our problems are a result of those in charge of the schools, what we learn and have access to, decided to restrict or remove certain curriculum from the table. the result ends up being a uneducated society, who have no self control or self discilpline, they no nothing about changing a tire, opening a can of raviolies, defence or survival.
So we dawn to the new generation of pansies, who dont even know what sex they are! and the others who believe they are entitled to everything simply because they breath!

God is important to some, and moral conduct is equally important,. but these are principals, not the factors.
There are good people who are not spiritual, while there are very bad people who practice the beliefe in god.
It all went to hell, went they stopped funding certain programs and classes in the school,. who remembers "Home Ec"?
it taught us not just how to cook, but sewing, and balancing a checkbook, doing a budget. or WoodShop, MetalShop, "Drivers Ed" taught Defensive Driving and showed graphic not so pleasant videos of accidents. and "Health" covered the body and the affect of Drugs and Alcohol. "Sex Ed" covered the reproductive system and communicable diseases.

It's all about Control, Control what people know and it affect the next gen, people get dumber and more complacent, the less you know, means thes less you have to argue a defence or even complain about how your being screwed!

Russia's State TV Instructs Citizens On How to Prepare for "Judgement Day"

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Drug / Gun Control!

Drug Control...
Yes Drugs are illegal, but yet how do people still get them?
the only people that cant get the drugs are the people who dont want them or those who obey the laws!
... did I say Drugs? Gun's, I meant Guns,,,,.
Silly fucking Humans... After all these years, you still think making something illegal makes it go away.
Rape is illegal... still happens
Murder is Illigal... still happens
Theft is illigal... still happens
Banning something does not make it go away!!!
Sweeping your problems under the rug does not get rid of it!
Figue out the "Cause"... not the Fucking "Effect"!
Start with Causes:
what causes a person to steal? how do you disolve their desire to steal?
what causes a person to Rape? how do you disolve their desire to Rape?
what causes a person to Kill or Murder? how do you disolve their desire to Kill or Murder?
If someone is motivated and has the will or desire to kill someone, taking guns away is NOT,.. I repeat NOT going to prevent them from killing that person. all you did was make the crime more difficult to solve because you have no documentation or proof of sales, because the weapon was bought in black market.
You fucking bastards cant even control the drug or pedophile rings, now you want to control weapons?
Fuck off!

10 Minutes of static charge

Ah, the crucifix .. the Iconic symbol used to celebrate the cruel and inhumane death of those perceived as a god.
But like the stock market, its all speculation, For over 2000 years the information we are given is rewritten and modified to control the readers interpretation.

I am awakend to the many religions and knowing what they are I avoid them like the plague. If something doesn't sound right .. it probably isn't.
Religion is a form of mental suppression, it controls what you do and how you should think. you are not rewarded in any congregation for independent thought for all discussions are based upon the scriptural curriculum. arguing any point of scripture becomes a mute point. no matter how out of place the chapter/verse topic may be.

We should live our lives according to what we have and who we have,. not worry about the afterlife, because really after all this time there is still no evidence to validate what is after death more than 2000 years and no religion can validate anything,

build the frame of your spirituality within your subconscious. where it remains safe and forgotten, this will be accessed upon your death.
everything you seen and done in your life will be replayed at that moment, all the good stuff, happy things, and yes, all those dark kept secrets, all those things you may have felt guilt about will all be replayed in that moment of your passing.
due to the remaining energy in your brain. although your heart stops beating the brain is still active for about 10 minutes. thus when people are revived and they happen to have a vision it is within that 10 window, of the brain replaying and assembling fragments of these memories and placing it into the individuals own perspective, memories manifesting into another form, therefor believe they seen god, jesus, or a loved one who passed prior... this does not  validate the vision as being legit it validates the activity in the brain within that 10 minute window.
In order to truly validate (any) after death scenarios the party must be deceased for at least 3 days. because some drugs can give the total appearance of ones death by slowing the heart rate beyond measure, so to rule this out time must be allowed for any questionable drug to wear off.

You have Family, Friends, Homes and possessions, you have hobbies, interests, and careers, these are physical things. that are tangible things that are validated.
As I said some people must have something to believe in, that's good, its ok to believe in something, as long as you don't let it control your life!
What if... our brains were wiped clean like a computer hard drive, all the mis-information, lies, unchecked faqs were cleared from our minds?
And we were given the opportunity to make our own conclusion about life, purpose, and inferior beings/entities, without outside interception.
what would your religious perspective be if you thought for yourself, and you weren't fed 2000 year old doctrine?

Mental or Psychological chains are difficult to break let alone loosen. but once you break free and use your own mind to gather and analyze those things that you can ponder it is easier to understand. 
This is similar to fixing something that is broken,..
you have to 1st realize it is broken, and accept it is broken and need to be repaired, not just patched up,
2nd, you must examine the mechanics or structure of the broken item. when ever you remove a piece something must replace that piece..
This is relative to religion because so many people don't just want something to believe in but they literally need it!
it is because of this need that so many religions and beliefs have taken hold of our globe!
Nobody thinks for themselves but grab onto a religion that is pushed upon them at a young age, and that is all they know, not even given the opportunity to acquire their own ideas of who, what, or even if a god exist.

How long have you believed what you believe?
who introduced you to the doctrine?

These beliefs don't really offer anything tangible, but rather promises of things you cannot see or acquire till after your death, well, now how do you validate this? your dead, and theres no way to come back and tell your friends!
So the main energy used to gain followers is "faith" and "fear"
you just have to believe, just do it, just close your eyes and fall into this pit and believe you will be saved.
the fear card is the alternate side to coerse your ability to stay obedience. be good little boys and girls, and spend your day in the flesh striving to please this god for if you are not pleasing god will send you to hell. for all eternity.