Friday, September 15, 2017

A bit excessive for a DRILL

Anyone who has read their bibles would remember the scriptures where it stated GOD made man in his Image, in his IMAGE GOD made he, But key word is IMAGE, to be relative to similar. This can be approaches two ways 1: in reference to Planetary bodies, with SUN being GOD, all planets are in orbit are in likeness to the IMAGE of the sun, but different in character, 2: As human body, walking upright, with image of MAN Head, arms body legs... For all we know GOD would look like the ALIENS afterall they as well are in the image of MAN. Perspective, No one has seen GOD Reference request by john to see GOD but was denied because even to look upon the lord for a brief moment would cause insanity...Again It is very possible the reference to what or who GOD is may very well be the SUN. not to be confused with the Son, In the Garden Adam and Eve were told they may eat from any tree in the Garden but NOT to partake from the tree in the middle of the Garden, known as the Tree of Life, The SUN resides in the Center of our Solar system, The Sun it the Life driving force of every Celestial body in that system If the SUN were to deminish ALL life would die. Religion is but a mans interpetation within his own perspective. Hundreds of Religions, through time claiming peace, Harmony, love, and yet through-out time It has done nothing but bring about, confusion, rage, war, and genocide. Get to know, Understand, and be Personal with your GOD... but trash everything you were ever taught in church. for it is a lie! because the scriptures are documents of personal perspective/interpretation, what GOD designs for one person does NOT apply to others,,, We all individually have our own relationship, and GOD will direct each of us on that path designed for us individually. Religion and Church, is the birthplace of evil.