Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seat Belts... For Safety or Revenue?

Seat-belt's: "Are NOT about Safety"... It's about Revenue!

If you think this is not true... ask yourself this:
Why is it the law for me and persons in my car to wear a seat-belt?
But Vessels carrying mass individuals, such as adults on a city bus, and children on a school bus, are NOT required to wear them?
As you will Notice "most" of the laws put into place are not about protecting you or safety, its nothing more than a scandal to get your money.
Construction Zones are a perfect example of this:
"Traffic fines double in a construction zone" but yet where is the "construction?"
No workers, No equipment, not even a cone! but yet the state or county will put these zones in place miles at a time, just to regulate traffic=, for the chance at optimizing their revenue!

There are 2 types of Governance
1: Political
2: Religious
Political government dictates laws you must comply with or be charged a fine or jail time
Religious governments dictate Moral / psychological laws you must comply with or be charged guilt and damnation to hell!
Both these government charge you a fine!
Political fine is known as TAX
Religious fine is known as TITHE
Both government are tyrannical organizations perched upon the fence of terrorism, because they demand Obedience and total compliance, failure to meet this criteria result in penalty of imprisonment or eternity in hell,. So you comply out of FEAR!