Saturday, December 23, 2017

Useless, Pointless, War on Drugs

The War on Drugs
In June 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” He dramatically increased the size and presence of federal drug control agencies, and pushed through measures such as mandatory sentencing and no-knock warrants.
So for almost 50 years America has been playing the Mind fuck with the Populous, aaaaand what did you accomplish in that time?  Not a Damn thing!
Rather than Wasting Tax dollars and Time writing Useless laws Crimminalizing EVERYTHING ..
Why not just USE your tiny brains, and EDUCATE All peaople and let them make their own descisions based upon what they know.
You CANNOT EVER win the war on Drugs...
so rather than continue this useless battle. just educate the youth, on the many types of drugs, cause and affect, allergies, chemical reaction etc.
Dont tell people Dont eat the Berries, and fine them for eating the berries... Educate them as to WHY they should not eat the berries...
Stop trying to sell this wasted BS ecological tax burden known as a drug war.
Revoke ALL Legislation having anything to do with drugs, the competition will wipe itself out.
To say it is Illegal dont make it go away, it merly redirects the course, into the shadows and underground.
Stop being Retarded!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cancer on the rise,.. $$$

Im going to tell you what the Doctors and Scientist wont... I don't make any profit but they do!
Cancer... The thing about cancer is, In most cases a person don't even know they have it, And they only find out AFTER some kind of operation and their Dr. tells them.
We spend a lot of time and money in the effort of "trying to find a cure" but very little on prevention.
That's because (There is no market in prevention) If you don't have a disease Big Pharma cant make any money on it!

Just Like Computer Viruses (Some) are just malicious from people wanting to be jerks, while other Viruses are Created with a Anti-Virus So that the creator will make a profit selling you the program!
There are a ton of types of Cancer Ie

We all have the Genetic basic string of cancer,
Every one of us. The prevention is knowing what triggers/or activates those cells. One of the most basic fire starters is
"Oxygen" this applies to many of the cancers you can or do possess.

You may go into the Hospital in fair heath for a simple in/patient surgery, but later after the surgery you aquire certain heath related complications, only to have blood test performed and you get the results you now have x,y,z,... cancer..

once Oxygen hits these sleeping cancer cells, the oxygen literally activates those cells, they then multiply and take over the cells that keep them subdued, the equivalency to a nuclear war within you with cancer being the victor.

Non surgical related cancers, in many cases can be treated by a simple change of regional environment, and/or simple change of diet/lifestyle.

Monday, October 23, 2017


Mandalay Bay and Padden are a cover up for False Flag Operation

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The difference between a False Flag Event and a Hoax.

People need to Understand the difference between a False Flag Event and a Hoax.
A False Flag is a REAL event involving real people causing Damage to property, injuries and death, where Officials offer a False Narrative to suit their agenda.
A Hoax is what Hollywood does when making a movie, Using actors, props, everything is planned, scripted and staged. no one is harmed and damages only happen to demos,
Similar to "Drills". Narratives vary to suit the particular agenda.
Sandy hook was a Hoax.
All gun related events assist in the agenda for gun related legislation
911 was a False Flag.
These event assist in Laws, Acts, and other policies that affect International measures and free movement of its people, It opened the door for war propaganda and gave birth to agencies like DHS, TSA, and the Patriot Act.

Trump refuses to certify Iran nuclear deal despite EU criticism

So now, not only are you already at risk of war with N Korea, but Russia
holds interest in deals with Iran, This with add Russia to the war bed...
Aside from the Hoaxes and False Flags U.S. Governing Officials like to
stage, we must maintain this imagery in our minds, lest we get coerced
into believing some False Narratives that feed the agenda of certain Liberals.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

FINAL WARNING Planet X Nibiru Update Today 12th, 2017, MUST WATCH SHOCK!!

The Economy Has Hit Stall Speed, It's Not If But When The Economy Crashe...

Gun Control

For those people who argue the point about those who dont need an automatic weapon:
No one NEEDs alot of things~
and most Americans dont even think of wanting something until Advertisers, Commercials, and Media makes it popular.. Then is becomes like a pokemon... Not that you would ever use it but you want it just because,,,
And its not for anyone else to say you cant...
This is a grey area rolling stone with alot of conflicts, they are gateway laws, once people allow laws to be regulated against their rights, it keeps going and dont stop,. 1st its the calibur of fire-arm, then the capacity, then the accessories, etc etc...
What is a Semi-auto weapon? what is the difference between it and a full automatic?
You do realize that a pistol is a Semi-automatic, a shot-gun that houses more than 2 shells is a semi-automatic?
Keep trying to ban shit, and the killings only get more barbarick and less than primitive. it leaves the law abiding citizen vulnerable and defenceless
Baning a weapon only covers up the hole. the weapon is NOT the problem, There will always be unstable people, disarming people only creates MORE problems.
Remember: what kind of people do locks keep out?
only the honest..
If Jerry Jhon or mary want something of yours (in you home or auto) they will just break the window to get in.
No law will protect you~
Gun laws? hahaha...
Hows that war on drugs been working out for you?
Meth, cocain, heroin are Illegal..but yet,,,,
The 2nd Ammendment is NOT at congresses disposal, the 2nd ammendment was not written to give you opportunities to hunt bunnies,
it was written to benefit the CITIZENS to protect them from a TYRANICAL Government... in the event that there ever came another existance of "King George" those citizens would rise up and overthrow that dictator. Our founding fathers were NOT pussies, and they knew that Freedom, Security, and Preservation of out Nation would require a fight and would be the sacrifice..
Government is Anti-Patriotic, it like ISLAM requires Submission and punishes resistance... There is NOTHING within Government that values Life, Safety, Liberty, Justice, or Freedom. for the American populous.. It creates Laws, and Regulations within its pc map to preserve and protect itself from YOU.

Friday, September 15, 2017

A bit excessive for a DRILL

Anyone who has read their bibles would remember the scriptures where it stated GOD made man in his Image, in his IMAGE GOD made he, But key word is IMAGE, to be relative to similar. This can be approaches two ways 1: in reference to Planetary bodies, with SUN being GOD, all planets are in orbit are in likeness to the IMAGE of the sun, but different in character, 2: As human body, walking upright, with image of MAN Head, arms body legs... For all we know GOD would look like the ALIENS afterall they as well are in the image of MAN. Perspective, No one has seen GOD Reference request by john to see GOD but was denied because even to look upon the lord for a brief moment would cause insanity...Again It is very possible the reference to what or who GOD is may very well be the SUN. not to be confused with the Son, In the Garden Adam and Eve were told they may eat from any tree in the Garden but NOT to partake from the tree in the middle of the Garden, known as the Tree of Life, The SUN resides in the Center of our Solar system, The Sun it the Life driving force of every Celestial body in that system If the SUN were to deminish ALL life would die. Religion is but a mans interpetation within his own perspective. Hundreds of Religions, through time claiming peace, Harmony, love, and yet through-out time It has done nothing but bring about, confusion, rage, war, and genocide. Get to know, Understand, and be Personal with your GOD... but trash everything you were ever taught in church. for it is a lie! because the scriptures are documents of personal perspective/interpretation, what GOD designs for one person does NOT apply to others,,, We all individually have our own relationship, and GOD will direct each of us on that path designed for us individually. Religion and Church, is the birthplace of evil.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Snowflakes and Patriots

This New Generation has ALOT to learn... And our Educational system just isn't doing Anything to educate these kids on the basic life skills or even survival principals. We are living with a generation who believe they are entitled, and they expect everything to just be handed to them,. Bad parenting, Coddling, and lack of discipline, all tie into the general behavior of why this generation is so arrogant. Schools need to just keep it simple and basic.. Nobody needs 10 levels of math.. Trig, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus are all advanced courses that DO NOT have a daily use, until a person finds a occupation and makes a career of it, Therefore these classes are a waste of everyone's time. Math: How about we keep it at Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimals, and Fractions.. that's all you need. Reading: English (all other language would be classified as arts, and only for advanced education) Writing: English (all other language would be classified as arts, and only for advanced education) Language: English (all other language would be classified as arts, and only for advanced education) Spelling: English (all other language would be classified as arts, and only for advanced education) Science: is a focus of minerals, chemicals, and compounds. and safety working with hybrid chemicals History: Do we need to go to the stone ages?,, no, but in order to learn from our mistakes to prevent from making them again through the generations we need to educate ourselves on cause and effect,. know what works and what doesn't. Health: (educate on toxins and poisons, the pros and cons of drugs and alcohol and its affects) We don't need a thousand plus regulation pertaining to drugs and alcohol you need a educated society. Home-economics: (practicing, sewing, cooking, balancing a check book, working a budget, and basic survival training) Now on to the "Snowflakes" This is the definition of individuals in our society today that really have no tolerance, they cannot or will not accept other peoples choices, lifestyles, or beliefs. They are easily offended, and believe that the rest of the populous must cater to them. What happened? Some people may like bacon, some may want to be a vegetarian.. some like to swear, did you die? unless someone's actions directly affect your health, or physical well being you can just as easily ignore it.. their will always be something that we all find offensive... but it is part of life.. you move on. It is interesting to note, that many of these "snowflakes" like to consider themselves as Americans, or Patriots, while standing in groups of people who are protesting the very infrastructure of how the U.S. is or what uniquely identifies the U.S. as a Sovereign, Independent and Free Nation. Having no idea that their very action are in direct opposition of what we are as a Nation. Meanwhile for Years, Americans who recognize our Constitution, swear Allegiance to our Nation Flag and upholding the Constitution in the manner it is written, putting their life in the line of fire to defend the very rights these snowflakes are utilizing to destroy our Country. This is not limited to Military, There is also the Local Militias, who are NOT on a payroll but do it because they love and Respect this Nation, and will do what is Necessary to protect it from being taken over by the Enemy.. Foreign or Domestic.. We have a skewed perspective of what TERRORISM is because Main stream Media is flavoring everything. but lets clear things up a bit.. Terrorism: [ter-uh-riz-uh m] noun 1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. 2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization. 3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government. Ever since WTC event that occurred in 2001 (regardless of who)we have been beaten with this word terror and terrorist, This in itself is and act of terrorism by the MSM and Government by pushing fear upon the masses for agenda of surveillance and gun control. A slow yet constant flow of laws and regulations aid in a state of fascism and Totalitarianism. This is done in this manner so that the people do not notice the slow changes and by the time they recognize what has happened it is way out of control.. Simply observe the changes from the year 2000 to current. or from 1990 or from 1980. it is all very relative and noticeable when you review. Snowflakes, get a grip and accept things that don't affect your life. Patriot's, Keep on being American and defending our Core Values~