Sunday, September 15, 2013

2014 Healthcare Disaster

Are we Free, or are we just lead to "believe we are free?
It would seem we are Free to "See" what the govt "allows" us to see
we are free to here what the govt "allows" us to hear!
We are free to go where they "allow" us to go!
and if you should happen to stray outside of these variables you are subject to fine or reprimand!
This don't seen FREE!
Govt is taking basic human rights and Constitutional amendments and turning them into "privileges". and what is more,.. with so many of these mundane laws and regulations the people did NOT vote for these things!

As we enter the last quarter of 2013 The Mandated legislation will be going into affect.
We the people did not have ANY say in this legislation, as with many other bills that have been passed by these ass-pirates known as congress. think about these,. CISPA, NDAA, PATRIOT ACT, just to name a few... So now that they would like to control every aspect of your life, we need more!
So they created Obamacare,. this is no different than mandated auto insurance, it serves to benefit the Agency and the investor,. but not the consumer. Senate and other political heads, invest into the corporate industry by buying shares into healthcare / pharmaceutical ,. they then create a mandate that FORCES consumers to purchase said item!,. This then guarantees them a return on their investments as the mandate/law is enforced!

"O"SamaCare... Where will you be when it begins?
You know the Sh-t will hit the fan, and Too many are just Too stupid to understand the level of ruin this Mandate will bring~
Does the U.S. need healthcare? yes
Does the U.S. need it Mandated? NO!
The Congress and those who pushed this through are no better than bloodsucking leaches,. America did not need Healthcare "reform" in the form of a mandate...!. It need Healthcare "Provider Reform"
Americans do not have insurance because they CANT afford it (period) so what makes these assholes, think that making it into law is going to make it any more affordable? can you afford an addition $1600 a month for a family plan?
that is like paying rent on another home with all expenses included.
The only people who do not see a problem with this are:
"those who have not thought about it"
"those who profit from it"
"those who are exempt from it"
Don't be RETARDED... Your state cannot exempt you from this obligation. it is FEDERAL and Fed trumps State. The OLNY way your state can escape this is by "Succession from the Union" thereby making it an independent nation within the US. "but this opens a Pandora's box that none of the State reps or senators are willing to accept the challenge of!