Friday, February 5, 2010

Cancel the Super Bowl or America Dies

Break the Matrix: Cancel the Super Bowl or America Dies
Alex Jones joins with fellow patriot Mark Dice in protesting America's favorite sports ritual-- the Super Bowl. Sure, the game is a good contest between two top rivals, but football isn't what really matters. While America has fallen asleep in front of the television let so many distractions take over its thoughts, our country has been looted financially, our military has been used to carry out ever-expanding wars, our President and Congress have ignored the Constitution and our people have stopped their participation in the process.

Until we wake up and fight back against the damage being wielded politically, we have no business getting caught up in gladiatorial distractions. The heat of the contest has become a substitute for our real manhood. Our tribal instincts to protect the community and drive away its enemies has been overtaken by the thrill of cheering, shouting, painting our faces and wearing the colors of a team.

Alex calls on each of us to remember what really matters on this Super Bowl weekend-- forget the pizza, nachos and the half-time musicians and educate yourself, your family and your neighbors on what the globalists have done by design to our culture and our very humanity.

Comments: February 5th 2012 @ 22:30
itzzcj(51 seconds ago)
you have been warned

christinalovestechno (7 minutes ago) You got any better ideas JimisJames?
This information needs to get out, its incredibly important.

b5kalad (10 minutes ago)
I will be reading a book during the super bowl.

n8iveidiot13 (5 minutes ago)
i will be masterbating to a book during the super bowl - i win

RyanForTruth (12 minutes ago)
Very good video. This is very true and hope to spread this around!

pycoh5678 (11 minutes ago)
@JimisJames see man thats why we wont see real change

itzzcj (11 minutes ago)
go eat some chips and dip, and watch your football or hockey or w/e the fuck you moron, open your mind , LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE

asperin (7 minutes ago)
Being a consumer of commercialized sports is being stupid, a tool, a seduced idiot.

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