Sunday, November 14, 2010

Drivers to face random drink and drug tests

In an Article written in the Telegraph
There is an article Titled Drivers to face random drink and drug tests under new powers.
Below are my Thoughts on this

It would seem illogical at first but I think they should drop the law re drinking and driving. Let them drive under the influence... and if they happen to get into an accident impound their vehicle and let it be a civil matter between the p...arties involved. the victim may sue the party for damages or death. if the guilty party has no job or way to pay then he is ordered to be their servant till cost of damages are agreed paid. It wont do any good to suspent a license it wont stop them from driving. Incarceration will, but on the other hand, how much of your taxes are you willing to relinquish for this cause? Facilities have to be manned and inmates have to be fed. incarceration is not cheap!
There are alot of small things in society that add up to big problems.
Whether your vehicle is insured, has current tabs, or has a licensed driver, makes little difference! cant you look at the vehicle next to you or that passes by and identify the operator to say if he or she has a license? or even insurance? these are petty laws.
So societies idea is to say: Take a cab!! Seriousely? you call a cab, and pay X$ for pickup and X$ per mile. unless your bar is walking distance this can cost you $10 and up each direction! and you will pay for both directions. because even if you drive to the bar. and have the taxi take you home, now when you get up the next day you have to retrieve your vehicle.
I have been accused of putting too much thought into things, but is that possible? I think people dont put enough thought into things. Congress is a prime example, passing legislation or madates on several issuse the make no sence at all. It would seem that all they do is make laws and ordanances that suppress the states and leaving the Citizen with less rights and privaleges everytime they do so.
Between Regulations, Provisions, Mandates, Ordanances, Codes, and so on, we are left with only our existance to work, do as your told, comply, follow the rules, pay your taxes, and repeat this process thru your life.
With that, where is your break? how do you vent when your system has removed all natural recourse. Everything you choose to do for activity has a price sticker on it! Driving, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, and so on!
One person makes a mistake and our society punishes everyone for it by passing laws that restict anyone else from doing the same thing because 1 person got careless or stupid! Ex: Most recent pulled item on the store shelves was the alcoholic energy drink. pulled because a group of college kids got ahol of it and drank to much putting some in the hospital... Now why are we pulling the drink? High shcool and college students have been getting their hands on alcoholic beverages for many many years, from Beer to Vodka, I have not seen it pulled from the shelf! Face it, if your kids want the stuff bad enough they will shoplift it, pay and adult to by it for them, or some cases the parent will provide. So who is at fault? The Manufacturer? NO! The Store Clerk? Only if he knowingly sold it to them! So rather than pull items of shelfs, wouldnt it be more logical to penalize the party responsible for providing the beverage?
This just demonstrates how our Representatives in Congress, Govenors, People with power (money) operate!... The Less free time you have to play with is equal to the less trouble you get into! Very Fuzzy logic! Because the more regulation and Restriction that you burden the masses with is equal to the same level of resistance and retaliation. Go ahead try it! Tell your toddler NOT to put Peanut butter in the DVD player and see what happens.

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