Sunday, November 20, 2011

Open Message To: 99% RE X-Mas vs Wall Street

Today is Sunday, November 20Th. Christmas is just over a month away. but Speculation and trade capitol will continue past this time. OWS Protesters Regroup, Go home get warm, save your money, and collaborate your next move! You have made world news with the Wall street movement and made the statement to the banks by your withdraws and transfers, (but they are still being smug and laughing at you!......... There is nothing more you can do but move on to plan B or the next phase! Or have you even given that any thought? For every action there is a reaction, and you need to have a counter action. Money as you know is the driving mechanism is this system, Wall street Is about Buying selling and trading stock, Investments. Using their ability to speculate what will sell, investing in that market, then selling before the market loses interest. Just a form of Corporate Gambling. "Money" Your money losing its value due to corporate manipulations and greed. Do your self a favor...Treat yourself this year to a Season free of chaos. Do NOT aid wall street in there investments. Do NOT go on a spending spree and buy gifts for Christmas, and after Xmas, when they have their sales.....It is especially important to avoid this,. If you want to make your statement clear you are going to have to "suck it up" and be content with what you have or don't have, through this holiday season! You have Family, and you have a message you need to deliver to these Corporate Pirates. but unfortunately the only thing they hear is the sound of their market bells... Every purchase you make, From your Starbucks coffee to your Vacation trips is a profit for the investor of that investment. If you travel by car, it is a fuel expense that is a oil investment, if you fly, it is an investment to those who have stock in the airlines. Have a nice Christmas and holiday season at home with those friends and family who are close to you! But stay away from the temptation to buy gifts. don't even buy a gift card, or greeting card. Be creative and make your own! Everybody knows whats happening with the economy and they will understand. Americans Celebrate Christmas Every Year, depleting their bank accounts for this holiday. We can tough it out and miss one year! Unless you have A better idea, this is the only way you are going to make Wall street hear you and listen! Good Luck! and pass it on....

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