Monday, December 31, 2012

Just the Tax Ma'am!

TAX Tax Tax,... The U.S. Has become Taxation Nation, and willingly without regret or remours for those who are living on less than median income! Why not a Turbin Tax, or a Berka Tax, or perhaps a Poncho Tax?  I mean we are getting suffocated with taxation, but yet the wealthy do not feel the thrust of this big wooden dildo that is lined with slivers of glass, and being shoved up the asses of the working American middle class housholds! How come NO ONE can see that America is no longer a soverign Nation, It no longer Recognized the Constitution, It is being ran by A Tyranical Govt, that only caters to the interest of the Corporations, The Banks, and the Wealthy Investors who Control the Will of Wallstreet!

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