Friday, March 1, 2013


Sequestration: Ever notice that when there are big budget cuts to be made, Gov't has a tendency of taking from the poor to give to the rich?
They alway seem to start at the bottm with the smallest fractions!
Rather than assessing where the biggest expenditures are, and making the cuts there, Like, Military and un-neccesary occupied locations, or TSA, or DHS,.
Since 2001 the govt has been spending money like its water, and more expedentially since 2008. TSA, and DHS have done NOTHING to stop "terrorism" because it is NOT a threat... But what they have done is made America less free and secure!
This my friend's is another form of Domestic Terrorism~ When your Govt tells you that they cant quit spending money, or you cant cut funding from certain depts, or else the terrorist will attack, or the financial system will collaps, or the jobs will go away, thats terrorism, because it makes you feel compromised and uncomfortable! I dont suggest they takes anything from DHS,. I suggest terminating that agency all-together, If it aint there it aint an expence! the same goes for TSA, they are an un-neccessary expenditure, they have not prevented ONE invation or attack. but have make the americans life more complex!
So if were gonna make cuts, lets make them where they count. Start from the biggest expence and go down.

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