Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cancer on the rise,.. $$$

Im going to tell you what the Doctors and Scientist wont... I don't make any profit but they do!
Cancer... The thing about cancer is, In most cases a person don't even know they have it, And they only find out AFTER some kind of operation and their Dr. tells them.
We spend a lot of time and money in the effort of "trying to find a cure" but very little on prevention.
That's because (There is no market in prevention) If you don't have a disease Big Pharma cant make any money on it!

Just Like Computer Viruses (Some) are just malicious from people wanting to be jerks, while other Viruses are Created with a Anti-Virus So that the creator will make a profit selling you the program!
There are a ton of types of Cancer Ie

We all have the Genetic basic string of cancer,
Every one of us. The prevention is knowing what triggers/or activates those cells. One of the most basic fire starters is
"Oxygen" this applies to many of the cancers you can or do possess.

You may go into the Hospital in fair heath for a simple in/patient surgery, but later after the surgery you aquire certain heath related complications, only to have blood test performed and you get the results you now have x,y,z,... cancer..

once Oxygen hits these sleeping cancer cells, the oxygen literally activates those cells, they then multiply and take over the cells that keep them subdued, the equivalency to a nuclear war within you with cancer being the victor.

Non surgical related cancers, in many cases can be treated by a simple change of regional environment, and/or simple change of diet/lifestyle.

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