Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Taxation... The Corporate Heist

As Any person with a active brain knows... You cant tax yourself out of debt!
TAX, is a Raquet/scam beginning with the war. The average amount that any employee shoult be paid to keep up with inflation and cost of living is over $26 per hour.
Not every employer is going to be able pay that amount. thus jobs get cut and companies go under, or have to significantly downsize.
Money does not trickle drown, its more like steam or vapor, It rises,
The economy is based on speculation and consumer consumption,.. which mean the more money the people have available to spend, they are going to spend.. if the consumer is barely getting by (insert middle-class) they earn LESS than median income Average Median income is over $55,000K Annually so unless you are earning over $20 per hour you will not be in that class, less than median is poverty,. which means most Americans barely have the funds to get them by month to month, let alone buying things they want.
About 95% of ALL Laws in America are NOT in the interest of Heath and Safety (thats just the excuse for it) as we notice MOST of these laws dont even make sense Almost Everything We do has a Law attached to it, and with that law, is a Fine, Fee, Penalty, Tax, its all for profit...
It seems like These people in Governing positions get senile or careless as they get older, or have held their seat too long.. Why is it A President can only have no more than Two 4 year terms while a Retarded Mayor, Govenor, or Senator can remain in their seat their entire life?
Im thinking perhaps TERM LIMITS on Every Official seat... Or start paying them according to Approval polls.. if they suck at their job We dont pay them! ie..Clinton, Feinstein, Pelosi
If they commit a Crime and otherwise break their oath of office they should immediately lose their seat permanently,. and be publicly charged and sentenced accordingly. No Person is Above the law.
Constitutional laws Trump Federal laws. Federal Laws Trump State, and State Trump City laws.
The Healthcare mandate only made Americas financial burdon worse, now income is being taken from those households who either dont want or cannot afford it.
America NEVER Needed Healthcare Reform.. We Need Heathcare PROVIDER Reform.
If you treat the Insurance Companies like drug cartels,. they will be forced to offer competitive plans, they will be battleing for the consumers investment.. But when w treat them as Gods, making people buy their crap. they get to cocky, overcharging people for service they dont get.
Americans dont have insurance because they dont want it... They dont have it because some cant afford it and other dont need it.
Insurance for heathcare would be better suited as (advised) those who are perpetually ill or accident prone "should" have it! but not as a requirement.
If the Employer has to provide insurance, the employee still pays the bill,
if the employer has to cover a sum of money for every persons premiums that is full time, the employer just cuts their hours to part time, therefor the employer is off the hook,.. However the employee has now taken a financial hit, He has lost at least 20% of his income but yet still has to pay for insurance.

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