Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Burn Ban and the EPA

Im sure by now we have all heard the disturbing information about our new Carbon laws and the Carbon footprint, or how the EPA sais that CO2 is bad for the Environment. You are killing the planet! ... B.S.

Recently we have suffered an increase on our utilities, the new tax accessed was 5% increase. our utility bill almost doubled. Let me narrow this... We pay $100 per mo for electricity, now 6% more is $105 add a $5 Administrative fee its $111 plus another 5% tax is $116. once they legaly max what they can tax you, they charge you fees. You end up paying their tax and yours.

Now WA, and OR, State have invented this Burn ban in the middle of winter! WTF? So every one that uses wood or pellet stoves to stay warm are SOL. The only exclusions to this ban is: if you have no other heating resources such as eletric, you may use the stoves.
This ban goes into effect 01/01/10.
The EPA sais that this should be done because of smog, and Carbon Dioxide.
I personally think its a way to force individuals to use utilities. increase the rates, people find alternative and cheaper resources, then convieniently create a ban preventing them from using these resources. The utility companies make a fortune, and you pay out the nose.

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