Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti and H.a.a.r.p.

This week I concidered the Situation in Haiti!

It is a very terrible thing that has happened to an already oppressed location.
right up there with ethiopia.

Throu the week there have been all kinds of tv programs promoting "Help for Haiti" represented by all sorts of Famouse poeple trying to get individuals to contribute to the cause. im curious how much of the money that was raised ($58,000.00) was from those actors/actresses themselves.

In America we have Illegals becoming a burden on our welfare system and taking what little jobs that we still have. Our economy is tanking, the dollar is losing value, and taxes are rising. but we want you to give to Haiti!

We are a very sympathetic Nation, those of us who want to assist the less fortunate are usually among the already poor and unable to help, those of us who can help and make a difference more often dont. the less money or fortune you have, the more you are expected to pay... this is because those who are wealthy dont want to pay tax, so we have to compensate what they dont.

Now let's go on to Why this happened to Haiti among the many reasons here are the top reasons:
1: The United States has Sanctions against Haiti
2: Haiti has ALOT of oil
3: The U.S. has a Tesla Device otherwise known as H.a.a.r.p. this device can manipulate the weather, causing floods, droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes etc,. it can also be used to control thoughts of people in mass groups.
4: The U.S. has Blue Beam, A device used as a giant halographic image display device,

Haiti's disaster was not Natural, but a controlled simulation. On January 10th 1 day prior to the catastrophic quake. there were a group of individuals similar to F.e.m.a. doing Emergency response simulations. as they tested the haarp.
H.a.a.r.p. uses a wave signal similar to E.M.P. (Electro Magnetic Pulse) as a beam is pointed at the target area such as a fault line, the High Frequency Pulse from the Haarp device vibrates the tectonic plates causing an earthquake to follow.

Here is something to ponder!
Many of us have watched the movie 2012, Some believe that the mayans prediction for 2012 is going to be a major catastrophy, Science tells us that we are entering a pole shift in 2012 where the earth stops rotation momentarily reverses its direction, stops again, the begins its cycle again. during this time the earths magnetic field ie. magnetosphere weaken leaving us exposed to the elements of space. such as asteroids, and solar blasts..
Now that we have explored this, imagine the damage that would come if Haarp was directed to the one of many fault lines just in America alone. it would be devastation. The west coast alone has a fault line that runs from San diago CA, to Bellevue WA straight up the Interstate "5" corridore. if you did this throught the globe you could very easily terminate 70% of the world population.

Now, if that happened we would all just assume 2012 or just natural disaster, because so many of us beleive the our govt would never do that to us. Well true enough, I would not say its all govt conspired, but rather the responsible parties are the worlds wealthies heads. bankers. families born into wealth, old money, legacies. Investors in Wallstreet earn more money in a tear than the President of the U.S. make during a full term. Big money dictates how we live and controls our governors, Senators, and yes even the President.

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