Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Gun Control

For those people who argue the point about those who dont need an automatic weapon:
No one NEEDs alot of things~
and most Americans dont even think of wanting something until Advertisers, Commercials, and Media makes it popular.. Then is becomes like a pokemon... Not that you would ever use it but you want it just because,,,
And its not for anyone else to say you cant...
This is a grey area rolling stone with alot of conflicts, they are gateway laws, once people allow laws to be regulated against their rights, it keeps going and dont stop,. 1st its the calibur of fire-arm, then the capacity, then the accessories, etc etc...
What is a Semi-auto weapon? what is the difference between it and a full automatic?
You do realize that a pistol is a Semi-automatic, a shot-gun that houses more than 2 shells is a semi-automatic?
Keep trying to ban shit, and the killings only get more barbarick and less than primitive. it leaves the law abiding citizen vulnerable and defenceless
Baning a weapon only covers up the hole. the weapon is NOT the problem, There will always be unstable people, disarming people only creates MORE problems.
Remember: what kind of people do locks keep out?
only the honest..
If Jerry Jhon or mary want something of yours (in you home or auto) they will just break the window to get in.
No law will protect you~
Gun laws? hahaha...
Hows that war on drugs been working out for you?
Meth, cocain, heroin are Illegal..but yet,,,,
The 2nd Ammendment is NOT at congresses disposal, the 2nd ammendment was not written to give you opportunities to hunt bunnies,
it was written to benefit the CITIZENS to protect them from a TYRANICAL Government... in the event that there ever came another existance of "King George" those citizens would rise up and overthrow that dictator. Our founding fathers were NOT pussies, and they knew that Freedom, Security, and Preservation of out Nation would require a fight and would be the sacrifice..
Government is Anti-Patriotic, it like ISLAM requires Submission and punishes resistance... There is NOTHING within Government that values Life, Safety, Liberty, Justice, or Freedom. for the American populous.. It creates Laws, and Regulations within its pc map to preserve and protect itself from YOU.

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