Saturday, October 14, 2017

The difference between a False Flag Event and a Hoax.

People need to Understand the difference between a False Flag Event and a Hoax.
A False Flag is a REAL event involving real people causing Damage to property, injuries and death, where Officials offer a False Narrative to suit their agenda.
A Hoax is what Hollywood does when making a movie, Using actors, props, everything is planned, scripted and staged. no one is harmed and damages only happen to demos,
Similar to "Drills". Narratives vary to suit the particular agenda.
Sandy hook was a Hoax.
All gun related events assist in the agenda for gun related legislation
911 was a False Flag.
These event assist in Laws, Acts, and other policies that affect International measures and free movement of its people, It opened the door for war propaganda and gave birth to agencies like DHS, TSA, and the Patriot Act.

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