Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It Begins: Trump Orders DOJ to Ban 'Bump Stocks'

Whether its a bumpstock or a Woodstock doesn't really matter,. Liberal leadership has been trying to ban anything related to fire-arms for a long time. it just goes from pillar to post. They have not learned that the more they fight to make anything illegal the most it is sought after. it then goes under ground like the drugs where it becomes "untraceable"
A ban on guns would be a war on guns.. which is no different than your war on drugs.
when was the last time you seen crack, Meth, Heroine, or Cocaine sold at your local market place?
Being Illegal does NOT resolve the problem,. disarming a populous does NOT resolve the problem. actually its quite contrary.
Want to win the war on drugs, arms, trafficking? EDUCATION
Stop censoring everything, allow people to learn important life and survival skills. We don't need more regulations and pointless laws, Remove regulations on drugs ad the cartels have no edge. big pharma loses its grip. allow people to own the arm of their choice, encourage them to be familiar with it. a weapon is not just for hunting it is a very integral part of home and National Defense. not having the ability to defend your self leaves you vulnerable and defenseless.. and considering the average response time for 9-11 is almost 20 mins. a lot can happen in those minutes.

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