Sunday, April 8, 2018

Drug / Gun Control!

Drug Control...
Yes Drugs are illegal, but yet how do people still get them?
the only people that cant get the drugs are the people who dont want them or those who obey the laws!
... did I say Drugs? Gun's, I meant Guns,,,,.
Silly fucking Humans... After all these years, you still think making something illegal makes it go away.
Rape is illegal... still happens
Murder is Illigal... still happens
Theft is illigal... still happens
Banning something does not make it go away!!!
Sweeping your problems under the rug does not get rid of it!
Figue out the "Cause"... not the Fucking "Effect"!
Start with Causes:
what causes a person to steal? how do you disolve their desire to steal?
what causes a person to Rape? how do you disolve their desire to Rape?
what causes a person to Kill or Murder? how do you disolve their desire to Kill or Murder?
If someone is motivated and has the will or desire to kill someone, taking guns away is NOT,.. I repeat NOT going to prevent them from killing that person. all you did was make the crime more difficult to solve because you have no documentation or proof of sales, because the weapon was bought in black market.
You fucking bastards cant even control the drug or pedophile rings, now you want to control weapons?
Fuck off!

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