Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cures and Remedies

There is no profit in remdies or cures!
America is a Corporations whore!
We invest billions in finding way to keep revenue flowing...
America wants return on its investments, and People are an investment, like cattle, corporations want return customers,.. America and its corporate Affilites cant get return customers by providing cures, or doing a job right or efficient.
Every virus has a cure/antidote.
The U.S and its affiliates generate/manufacture viruses.
just like Umbrella Corp in the movie/games "Resident Evil"
All Movies and games tell a conspiracy from within, but due to the nature of sensitivity and level of security and secrecy those who are in the know and believe you have a right to know have limited means of communicating the agenda or intent,,, so hollywood is the best place to communicate the information as long as it is classed "fiction" the producer faces no danger. regardless if it is in a novel, a movie, a song, or video game. those who are controlling the agenda, are NOT going to stand on a stage and confess their methods of intent... it is up to YOU as the viewer to interpret and perceive the very real potential threats they place before you..
If you cannot figue it out, you are deamed unworthy of survival.
You must analyze everything, read between the lines.
even the bible itself is not so clear in many scriptures, and is NOT meant to be interpreted as literal interpretation. the reader must make a responsible mature assesment.
You,.. As the public are warned, that is the only rule in their game,,, they must warn you of intent... and they do. via the Media and entertainment industry. For those who doubt, simply review your life,.. remember adsm movies, commercials, and even books, go back 20 30 40 years and those things you seen as only science fiction society now possesess or has the capabilities of!
There are alot of things just in technology we use that are pretty amazing right? That just the tech you are "aware" of!
do a simple youtube search for todays technology 2018+. see those things near furture has in store.
research Nikoli Tesla and the inventions of his time, all very real, but stolen and archived by the government!
People need to wake up to more than just your Gods or Christ.
Religion is but a mere principal to live by, just like table manners but it will not protect or save you from harm...religious people are victims just like the non believer to crimes. disease, viruses, illness, rape, robbery, slander. No one is exempt!
This is the real world with real actions. and those who posess the greater wealth do NOT have your best interest at heart!

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