Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bailout Breakdown: What AIG knew and when

Anderson Cooper

Bailout Breakdown: What AIG knew and when
Posted 07:00 PM ET
AC360°Read the government's "TARP Watchdog" report and see a timeline of when government officials knew of key AIG compensation matters.
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Bailout Breakdown: Salaries, bonuses and your tax dollars
Posted 06:07 PM ET
AC360°Tonight we're taking a look at the culture of bonuses on Wall Street. We are taking a close look at nine of the original TARP recipients. The New York State Attorney General released a report updating just how the companies distributed their earnings. This report breaks down the specific amounts of salaries, bonuses and government money (i.e. your tax dollars) for each firm.
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It is amazing that The Govt pumped Billions of dollars into a bailout program, that was not going to help the economy, Billions of dollars into Wall-Street, AIG, CIG, GMAC, The Big Three, and so on... but what did you get? The middle finger! They not only got an exemption from their responsibilities but gave themselves bonus pay with it! So while you get the boot and take a pay cut, they take the money and celebrate!.
The Elites, The richest people of the world are doing everything they can to bankrupt your economy. The Timeline of the Elites is to Destroy America By 2012, To make you so poor that you will be unable to retaliate, Escape, or survive!
It's the trick of their trade! they implement mandates, and you pay more! Example. Car insurance, you are required to have it, pay for it even if you cannot afford it, year after year, but where is your benefit? you drive for 10 years w/o incident how much did you spend? at $50 per month you spend $6000 in 10yrs. That is $6000 that you could put aside for a rainy day fund, emergency fund, or vacation fund, or whatever fund!
We as Americans are feeding the Corporations so much we are not taking care of ourselves. we are being oppressed and laughed at by the Elites! The Bilderburgs, The Rockefeller's, The Rothschild's, and that is just the more common names!

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