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In China, there is no crisis

In China, there is no crisis
14.10.2009 05:06 -- Geopolitics -- Economy

China continues to increase its economic strength. While the U.S. is sprinkled ashes on his head, experiencing the all-out recession, the state with the correct approach to the economy strengthens its position in the international market. Nkanune it was announced that the number of dollar billionaires in China last year rose from 101 to 130, and he moved into second place after the United States on this indicator.
At the same time on the version of journal Forbes, the list of the richest people in the world, only 28 Chinese billionaires. For comparison, according to the same rating, in Russia it is 32.
According to the Hurun Research, China may still be around hundreds of billionaires who do not reveal the size of his fortune.
Most billionaires made their fortunes in real estate and stock market.
These figures reflect the fact that the Chinese economy continues to grow rapidly, despite the global economic downturn.
The richest man in China named Wang Chuanfu, which deals with sales of automotive batteries and the production of electric vehicles.
His fortune is estimated at 5.1 billion dollars. Last year it increased to five times - largely because of the support of the American investor and one of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett.
In September last year, Buffett bought for 230 million dollars 10% stake in the company, in which a bath Chuanfu owned more than 27%.
Second place - Zhang Yin, founder of the company's paper recycling Nine Dragons Paper. In 2006 she was named the richest man in China.
The leader of last year's list - Juan Guan Yu, former head of the largest companies on the sale of home appliances - dropped to 17 th place. His condition was reduced to 3,4 billion dollars. Last year he was arrested on charges of manipulating the market, and after that he resigned as head of the company.
In the top ten list this year there were just seven new names - such a radical shake-up at the top of China's rich were from the very beginning of the list, published since 1999, reports
According to the compiler of the list of Rupert Hugeverfa, in fact, the number of billionaires in China, twice as much: "There are still many" nezasvetivshihsya "billionaires who made a fortune in real estate, stock exchanges and investment."

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