Friday, October 2, 2009

Final I.R. From Hardin, MT

Alex Jones Tv: Alex's Final Intel Report Today From Hardin, Montana

October/02/09 T-02:30
averageworkinggal (17 minutes ago)
Serbian Coat of Arms?It obvious the Reverse-Kosovo by the Serbians.The Serbs are in Hardin to do ethnic cleansing, which they always do, in this case it's on Alex Jones types, and take land from the US for talking Kosovo from them.
BrimstoneAlpha (39 minutes ago)
It's happening . . . . It's really happening,ppl need to be ready
mrsjlynn44 (47 minutes ago)
This is my home town ppl!!!!
apachejunction1 (59 minutes ago)
body's are piling up in the morgues as families can't afford to bury them , this is so very sad . They have run out of funds to assist weeks ago !!
apachejunction1 (1 hour ago)
things must be getting better since we know are announcing on cable news we can't afford to bury our dead !! Michigan reports this problem
apachejunction1 (1 hour ago)
yes it was on cnn headline news I believe It was shocking to read across the bottom of the screen today !!
Silberhorter (1 hour ago)
intel made another profit which is in fact a loss ok thanks for report.
SATANSbankers (1 hour ago) Show Hide
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NWO =NeoCON World Order
abola2121 (1 hour ago)
Unbelievably insane. "American Police Force" with the Serbian coat of arms... lol There wouldn't be this much commotion if their suv's had nothing on them, imo.
hurchel (1 hour ago)
Hi apachejunction, was that a news story?how do I find it ? just search like that?
hurchel (1 hour ago)
Alex be safe, What is the tribal opinion on this. again a port authority, means a foreign trade zone, like in el monte we are 28 miles inland but now the foreign trade zone is governed by the san pedro port authority, we are no where near a port,,,but as I told my local police friend, we now have all the levels of organized crime as the docks in san pedro, dont forget your local economic redevelopment agency involvement in this. quasi governmental? squirrelly local government,
tnleggs59 (2 hours ago)
God be with you Alex
Steven6229 (2 hours ago)
Jason they are going to get box seats, but there isn't going to be a game it will be THE SIEGE!!!!!!
christinalovestechno (2 hours ago)
Careful tonight Alex!
1TheTruthChannel1 (2 hours ago)
great stuff
Siul31 (2 hours ago)
Jesus is my hero :)
BorderCityBandit (2 hours ago)
when I was a County Jailer in 2004 at our County Jailer,which is housed in the same building as city and county police, we heard from the chief himself ,in my presence that in less than 10 years , the entire police dept would be privatized,interesting then and still is
420kayoe420 (2 hours ago)
ohhh sick fucking basterds..... wonder if they got blac water whores to mmmm yummy
tresiffror (2 hours ago)
DYNCORP INTERNATIONAL CECK IT UPPBlack water is Xe (their new loggo)Maby APF is born from this freek company DYNCORP they have in boarder people who was deap in trafficing (selling sex slaves) and in same contracters for govment...Cant be more bad , and its started thru 2 companys in 1946 .....Jepp check it out all is their.
1wrenchwench (3 hours ago)
I like this young man, good choice Alex.
Nosheepfull (3 hours ago)
this is nuts!!!!!!!!!
eggnogger5 (3 hours ago)
thanks dawgs great vid keep it up

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