Thursday, October 1, 2009

No More Illegal's!!!

This is my opinion, Regarding Illegals, I believe it can work..

1: Authorize border patrol to exercise their authority as an officer of the US. Allow them to Arrest, Detain, and
Deport. Any persons crossing our borders whom are not legal to be in the US.

2: Upon capture of an illegal, Officers will Arrest individual(s), followed by finger-printing, photo-shot, and brief report to include date of violation and physical description of the individual(s), During a detention, This information will then be put into a data base. The individual(s) is then released and deported.

3: During the deportation process, The offender will be given a stern warning by the US Patrol. (the warning is as follows:) If you are caught again returning to the US without registering and try to enter illegally One of 3 things will happen..
(a)You will be shot, Or (b) You will be arrested and sent to a hard labor camp for a minimum of 5 years, then returned to your home land, Or (c) You will be arrested then sent to a US military training facility, where you will be trained for a minimum of 4 weeks, then deported to any foreign land that the US may be at war with. (with the exception of your own land)

We all know this is a BIG problem, how do we find them? How do we get rid of them?
Easy... They all have to live somewhere, and some of them have to work somewhere Now the 2 key words are LIVE and WORK
Just do this:

1: Locate any property and land owners that could use the property or land as any form of housing, Farms, houses, apartments etc.. Any property/land that contains a structured unit with walls and a roof. Implement a law directed at these individuals that states. Any Property owner that is caught housing an illegal in any way will be subject to a minimum sentence of 2 years imprisonment and a $10,000.00 fine. Any person as a renter of property or land will also be subject to the same sentencing as the owner of the property. Renters, property and land owners must be US citizens.

2: Locate all business owners and Implement a law that is directed at Employers, That states Any person acting as an employer regardless of the business, the size of the company, or the duties performed. Is found to be having an illegal in their employ or on their payroll in any way, if the illegal is performing any duties what so ever, even to the form of volunteer labor.
The person responsible for employment of the illegal, Is in violation of the US Federal Law then he/she is subject to a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment and a $20,000.00 fine.

Let me point something out.. The Constitution!, Who is it for? Well it is for we the people of the United States of America. OK
See that?? So the relevance is this: the US Constitution does not apply to illegals, They are not American citizens. Above this it is unfair to every foreigner that has gone through due process of application to be an American citizen, some of these people have had to wait for many years before becoming a citizen, And until you are a citizen The Constitution does not apply to you.
Nor do you have the right to protest or even Vote.

Now, some may think this is in-humane or even immoral, I'm not saying to go out and enforce declaration of open season and just start shooting these people at random. There is nothing in-humane or immoral about defending your country and exercising your countries ground rules.
Think about this...
What do you think would happen to you if the tables were turned and you were the illegal? Let's say You want to go to Mexico, but you don't want to go through the check points and you sneak into Mexico. Well now You have now become an illegal occupant of that country. Now what do you think that they would do to you if you were caught?
Do you think they will be passive and let it slide? Think again!
Every other country in the world exercises their authority in regards to protecting their borders. You are nothing and no one special to them and you will be dealt with accordingly depending on your offence.
So at the very least, We should use to the same measure the guidelines that other countries enforce against violators.

Now, For many years I was lead to believe that I was A Democrat, I had no Idea that there was so much more involved with all this political stuff, I did not even know that there were divisions of these things. Like Liberal and conservative. Nor did I care. Over the years especially more recently I became more involved. But Parties keep changing their status, One minute their a Republican the next their a Democrat.
I don't really know what I am politically, But Some things it don't matter what you are! Whether you are conservative or liberal you must do what is necessary to defend your home land and protect your rights!
I Am for the Americans, We The People, I am For Government, But just enough for over-sight. Without oversight, When Leader-ship becomes to large it gets out of control, and the problems we have today are a direct result of this reckless behavior by big government.
So Whether you are Democrat or Republican, be sure when you vote. Vote according to your beliefs vs. The candidates, don't make the mistake of voting based upon whether the candidate is democrat, republican, liberal, or conservative.
The US has a high number of Illegals that occupy the land, about 1/3rd. Whether it is due to cheap labor or migrant work, most that arrive do not leave, They come here and breed like bunnies, And we allow their children to be called nationals to the US just because they we born in the US. These people are taking advantage of this they apply for social assistance and take advantage of our Nation, From low income or section 8 housing to financial compensations.
I ask you Why does The US concern itself with taking care of these people rather than it's own? The are not supposed to be here, they are breaking the law, Federal law. But yet The US continues to cater to these people. We let them in, we don't even enforce compliance of our customs and cultures, nor do we require that they speak American English while in public places.
Instead We cater to them and have to adapt to their cultures and languages.
This needs to come to a halt! We need to Stop any and all local, state and federally funded programs for people that are not US citizens. We as America have enough problems within our country without assisting immigrants. We have Veterans who have served this country that are placed on the back burner, There are Homeless people and families that do not get
enough assistance.
But yet we continue to cater to the migrants, illegals, and foreigners, giving them federal funding, grants, and social assistance.
I Think it is complete B.S. That 2 of our Border patrolmen get charged and sentenced to 12 years in prison for shooting an illegal. These Men should be given a medal! They did their job effectively. They shot an Illegal who crossed into US soil who was smuggling drugs, and was trying to run away.

As of to date Our Border patrolman, are limited from performing their duties. So what if we construct a 700 mile fence (not that it will happen) Without enforcement of the US Federal law, The fence will not work, they will cut through it, dig under it, or climb over it. And all our Officers can do is just let them, and count then as they go by!
To me this is contradiction to National Security, and a slap in the face to every American citizen.
1/3rd of our population is foreign and a high percentage of those either don't know or just refuse to speak American English.
Our Former President, W Made an announcement in 2005, that stated, the US Nation Speaks American English. But yet no enforcement follows. Why Announce our language, if we are not going to enforce the use of it?

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