Monday, October 19, 2009

In 2009 USA will be hit with a nuclear bomb

In 2009 USA will be hit with a nuclear bomb

Original Post: February 20th 2008
Alexey Fud, a well-known Russian clairvoyant, has made a breakthrough forecast for 2009. According to him, next year one of the American cities will be hit with a nuclear bomb. Alexey knew this long before and waited for the chance to tell about it. He decided to reveal the information he was given and share it with APINEWS.Ru.

Comments: October 19th 2009 1:45am
crazenate (8 hours ago)
All psychics are nutjobs

borat443 (10 hours ago)
I wish a psychic would show up and say hey were about to have world peace, and the end of war and poverty and a new era on earth but i dont think the ptb have that in the plans lets hope this guy is a nutjob or wrong.

BrowniieBeauty (11 hours ago)
lmao wow second half of 2009 ??? hmmmm yea...2009 is at the end of the second half

threadbarered (15 hours ago)
Well-known? I never heard of him and there's no record of him on the web. New York bankers aren't going to destroy their own luxury condos. His prayer beads and bling bling don't make him Nostradamus...the Illuminati have already got the CIA sending bombers into Pakistan to destabilize the goverment out of letting the Iranians put a pipeline through their country to sell oil to India and China - the same markets that the U.S. pipeline through Afghanistan is trying to reach.

mike4ty4 (22 hours ago)
"You can't go anywhere or watch anything without there being some sort of negativity. It's awful."Yeah. Just look at this forum...

Mcnassar13 (1 day ago)
im in america , cali , i hope nothing will happen but we r really in strange days

emaadeddinzaamout (1 day ago)
umm wut day is today ? cuse if u knw, then ull take out this gay video

danmarino1970 (1 day ago)
Whats fact is that ALL humans have the ability to foresee.. Ancient civilizations that are still around today.. Some Incan tribes, Hopi and African tribes still are in touch with this inate ability. When these tribes use Peyote, Hyawasca, Adenanthera gogo they enter a dream state that transports them to another dimension. As hard as that is to believe.. believe it. We have been purposely dumbed down, our food, water air poisoned so much that our bodys that serve as a terrestrial conduit

danmarino1970 (1 day ago)
is able to use our GOD given abilities to see ahead... Just in case you think this is useless.. Ask the Russians, the Chinese even our gov. have used people with "remote viewing" capabilities in order to accomplish their military objectives (whatever they might be)..

TheBlueberryboy (1 day ago)
Time is the 4th Dimension,Time itself has three dimensions...Past.... PRESENT/NOW Future.when you are in dream are in space-time continuum...U r in the 4th dimension..Dreams are Precious..Namaste**

FCKEVRY1 (1 day ago)
Man would I love to kick this liar in his fucking face!

FCKEVRY1 (1 day ago)
By the sound of this guys tone, voice and by the looke of his actions, HE'S SUCH A FUCKING DRAMA QUEEN. He speaks in the manner of, I'm a psychic and you're not. He goes into details like there is no possibility of anything ohter than what he is saying. This guy fucking thinks he's God. What an egotistical asshole. He probably does this for drug money. I laugh at you Fud. Nobody's bombing America (although they should) and you're not a psychic. You're not even intelligent. Just ego.

pater429 (1 day ago)
idiot terrorist, i want to get my drivers licence, not be a sniper on a battlefielddamn terrorist need to get layed some more fucking pricks

kayrey12 (2 days ago)
2009 isn't completely over yet but I'm really hoping this doesn't happen. .This world is surrounded by nothing but negativity. You can't go anywhere or watch anything without there being some sort of negativity. It's awful.

starvingspider (2 days ago)

ViktoriyaC (2 days ago)
"nobody's bombing the US quite yet", thats just what we were thinking when the terrorists bombed the twin towers. Whether what this guy is saying is true or not we dont know, but the best thing to do is be prepared. Because you know that if this does happen, America will be a chaos.

DogKrapFace (2 days ago)
You are a stupid fuckin retard.

swe8507 (2 days ago)
what a load of balls!!!!!!

JMMCL16 (2 days ago)
What documents????? How could anyone possibly know the exact month? I do believe that a nuclear attack will take place in the USA, but how does anyone know exactly when. We don't. what documents are you tallking about?

dgw1982 (3 days ago)
second half of 2009 ? well its well into october. thats it i'm taken day off work to rob a bank tomorrow.

pelodzaros (3 days ago)
I dont think it is true. No real threat is possible for USA ... for now

pi6lemeto (3 days ago)
i dont know if what he's saying is true but he is not the only one predicting a nuclear attack in the USA in 2009.

TEMPRAMENTE (4 days ago)
Why should this Man go on the tube and make a fool of him self? He is not a terrorist!But I shurly Hope he`s wrong!!

FCKEVRY1 (5 days ago)
This man is full of shit. Any man who claims to see the future is full of shit. Nobody's bombing the US quite yet.

Spartanslayer1 (5 days ago)
go to canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grrruaaa (5 days ago)
yes, it is true and this all things will happen in November. In November and December millions of people are going to die. The feds told the police departments about that. It's documents from January 2009.

adrian315darklar (5 days ago)
how are u so sure. it seems very fake

Reptilianmuseum (6 days ago)
Better withdraw your money while you can.

Reptilianmuseum (6 days ago)
I heard from a reliable source that the banks close in November 2009!

1skylimit (6 days ago)
That's right de-matrixnize yourself. Turn off the TV and msainstream radio. it's a catalyst for dehumanization. Talk less. Learn to get quite and to hear the voice of God for correct instructions. We will be hit . I have`seen it all .

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