Friday, October 16, 2009

Department of Homeland Security Report

Department of Homeland Security Report

This video is an assessment of the Department of Homeland Security's assessment of right wing extremist and terrorism in the United States.
DHS has made claims in their report that anyone who has dissent for the US government, views the Constitution as worth giving their life for, and or disagrees with liberal ideology, has been deemed an extremist/terrorist.
The only part of DHS's report that holds any merit is the part where DHS states that the citizens would take arms against the government if said government tried to restrict or unarm American citizens. DING! DING! DING! Folks, we have a winner!!! For those of you that do not understand why the right to bear arms is so important... it is to keep the government in check. Why do you think this is such a big concern for the government?
Unarmed citizens cannot defend themselves from a tyrannical government. You should be very afraid of a government that fears its citizens. Know your rights and stay informed. There are laws and amendments being voted on in our government all the time.
If you don't know what those Washington government/politicians are voting on, how do you know they are working for you and not themselves? The government has kept its citizens in the dark for far too long. They continue to work the law in the favor of themselves and not the citizens.WAKE UP AMERICA.... before the nightmare really begins and it is too late to stop them.And if you weren't already... you are probably now on the DHS list of etxremist/terrorist for watching this video. Let me be the first to welcome you to the world of an "extremist". Break free of the government chains. Put an end to government dependency."It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." ~ Benjamin Franklinmilitary marines navy army air force coast guard reserve stock market financial crisis Federal Reserve bank IRS tax Nancy Pelosi Janet Napolitano Harry Reid New York DC tea party supreme court justice judge nominee immigration border violence drug war press release Iraq Iran North Korea China Russia Israel Afghanistan Pakistan major view life liberty pursuit of happiness gun control NRA swine flu vaccine healthcare

Comments: as of October 16th 2009 10:10-pm
nucername (1 day ago) ...just a note to the concept 'socialist' used here. i was born in a socialist country, live in a 'capitalist' country for 20 years now. my impression is, that most of the posts here do know nothing about socialism. and just that: criticizing that only 5 % of the population have actually profited from the economical growth of the last years, while 95% stagnated or - esp. the poor - have lost wealth; that is not socialist, it is democratic and a duty for every citizen.

nucername (1 day ago) democracy is not about oligarchy or actualizing mantras, it is the wellbeing of the majority. if this is not the case, one should speak up and name the reality as it is. capitalism is a wonderful thing; nothing new - the best market system we know. but if it is conducted just to benefit the needs of the upper 2 % something is going really wrong.

nucername (1 day ago) it cannot be the case that a government has to spend billions on better social security/ health system, if the billions could have distributed through e.g. taxation to the ones who actually produce the wealth but do not take part in it.furthermore, if the information about the report in this video is correct, several of the notions seem evident.

nucername (1 day ago) i cannot hear anymore the mantra of 'people should be able to protect themselves'. - from what? what would one do if a government gets 'too strong'?? (whatever that maybe. i talked to americans. always the same argument without any further explanation) does one take his/ her rifle and walk up to the capitol?

nucername (1 day ago) and besides that, just one question: how often had it been necessary, in the PAST 200 YEARS, that this right had to be put in action, i.e. the people had to 'defend itself'?and again, my 'socialist' background (i could not chose the place of birth, could you?): i actually experienced a revolution - HAVE YOU? and let me tell you something: if a reolution is supposed to happen, it just happens. it does not matter AT ALL if people are allowed to have guns or not...

TheIndoctriNATION (1 week ago) The United States Constitution.Use it, or lose it.

kukynphunt (1 week ago) LMAO during the Bush years Green Party members were on a terrorist list; and they were the liberal left ( true liberals from the original definition of the first movement) seems as though you are trying to usurp their political position buy stealing some of their grievances & mantras (i.e puppet on the left & right) By the way there is no such thing as a liberal conservative (from the original definition) you have moderates.Stop trying to usurp the term Liberal for your Ron Paul fascist bullshit

WashingtonWatchdog (1 week ago) Are you done? May I help you off your liberal high-horse? Or would you prefer I let you continue to parade around superciliously making an even bigger ass out of yourself? You are accusing me of stealing grievances and mantras?!?! Like somehow liberals have exclusive rights to those things? Pardon me while I LYAOMCP ( laugh your ass off my comment page). You stop trying to "steal" what belongs to every citizen... the right to speak freely. Rather odd I'm being called a fascist by a fascist.

Rockfaerii (1 week ago) Obama is part socialist. I prefer this over the people having the power. All the ignorant, racist, lazy Americans here would ruin this country. Now, if we would all work together for free education, that would be the best. And work towards eradicating the Godlessness that threatens society. That's all we really need. And strict schools that will not tolerate laziness and misconduct. We'd know more about how to maintain a true democracy and how to treat people as equals.

NuJoiseyMAN (1 week ago) Living in new jersey doesn't give you insight over someone living in nebraska. However, living in an actual socialist country does give you experience over someone who has not. If you left Nebraska (or anywhere in the US for that matter) and spent some time in one you would realize there is a difference between a man who is making moderate change vs. die-hard progressives. If you think the Public Option is radical socialism, you are misinformed

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