Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prison Society


Veri-Chip Rolls out New Flu-Sensing RFID

MSN MMoney H1N1 Flu-Sensing RFID Press Release

U.S. Spies buy stake in firm that monitors Blogs, Videos, etc..

Governments own reports point to fiscal doomsday

Obama to cede soverenghty by treaty

RFID to Connect SSI Employment Medical Records Everything

RFID and H1N1 The Hidden Authorization

Comments: October 21st 2009 8:10pm
dragonchampion7 (5 seconds ago)
I've been looking into "safe" ways to fry these things and all I've found that works well is blunt force trauma. There is no certainty in using stunguns or tasers to fry them. Microwaves are out of the question. So it looks like the best way is to either remove these things or have an "accident"

originalmetalchik (34 seconds ago)
I agree, Doc Rocks

AlexJonesIsRealMedia (52 seconds ago)
Great work as always my friend keep it up bro this truly is the end as spoken of on the bible we are just weeks maybe months away from finding out who the antichrist is

TheInternetGangster (4 minutes ago)
It's what they landed on the beaches of Normandy for.Their own enslavement.Warring across the globe for their own enslavement.

scottgo9 (5 minutes ago)
The Doc Roks! Man, you are a highly valuable asset to the freedom and patriot movements.Thank you sir for your work.I always remember in one of your video's a while back, you stated that you asked God to give you another chance to get this life right. I think you are making good on your promise. From what I can see, you have a great marriage, a beautiful baby girl, and are an indispensable asset to us truth seekers.Again, I thank you.

silversobe (6 minutes ago)
I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."-Thomas Jefferson"It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority."~ Benjamin Franklin"When you give up your freedom for security, you will end up with neither. " ~ Benjamin Franklin

Neurolanis (10 minutes ago)
At some point the people must say no.

7digitalSunday (10 minutes ago)
remember that movie, Fight Club, with Brad Pit, "the first rule of Fight Club is There IS No Fight Club"

RenegadeTimes (11 minutes ago)
Right on the money Doc. Damn it feels good when critically thinking fellow humans GET IT ! It's NOT good ...peiod !

whitestar111 (11 minutes ago)
some 1 needs to call these crooks on what they r doin and put them in prison every last 1 of the ppl and puppets

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