Friday, October 2, 2009

Gotta love the comments

Jason Bermas:What In The Hell Does It Take To Wake People Up!!!

lakaiskate03 (5 hours ago)
i like this guy, he gets straight to the point . USA WAKE UP!
animeownage86 (5 hours ago)
I'm so sick of the ignorance and denial it almost makes me wish those sheep get led to the slaughter.
rad4life1 (5 hours ago)
If you are in the military and want out, now is the time! You are given a tramandus opertunity to leave, all you have to do is refuse to take the shot and youre out! Easy as pie!
1TheTruthChannel1 (5 hours ago)
SO true man.
BizzaroHod (5 hours ago)
If they ask me to take it ill say yes then when we go to the hospital and i extend my arm im going to quickly grab it out there hand then jab the needle in there neck and plunge that stuff right in there juggular.
whiskerchild (5 hours ago)
People are waking up, but I don't know if it will be in time.
HABAKKUP (5 hours ago)
The Sleeper Has Awakennn!!
MrMindfucker (5 hours ago)
Were under attack!You'll know the carbon tax has passed when they raise the price of beef,pork,chicken,turkey's, mexican food, beano and gas ex!
jcfan42 (43 seconds ago)
Why beano and gas ex? They reduce gas emissions!
iloveterriers (5 hours ago)
I heard that someone died from taking the vaccine recently -- has anybody heard of this? jcfan42 (1 minute ago)
I think I have heard this as well - my memory is foggy on this, though...
ponder2006 (5 hours ago)
wow, paranoid freak...its called technology you Neanderthal
joneskoolaiddrinker (5 hours ago)
About seven years ago, I was at work with some co-wokers and we were looking at a live feed on a security camera of a homeless man clear across town. This is soooo not new.
TheLiddlekiddle (5 hours ago)
The people in Seattle are brain dead and think Obama is doing a great job. The Asian people are the only ones who look at the joker posters and gather around and take photos of it while the brain dead zombies walk on by...
gtiapr3 (5 hours ago)
Being from the Seattle area I 100% agree!
iloveterriers (5 hours ago)
People won't wake up because they don't want to. Their lives revolve around their social circles and creating the illusion that their lives are perfect and happy. My sister is like this, the complete opposite of who I am, so I know that it's possible that people try to believe in false ideals and will purposefully put blinders on themselves because they don't want "negativity" in their lives. I think it's a form of narcissism. American-bred narcissism.
rad4life1 (5 hours ago)
In my experiance social circles never last, and the ones that have for 20 years are people 50+, when they're circles fall apart around them, and they realize the lies that even someone they have known for 15-20 years come out....I think they will start to wake up pretty fast.
MrMindfucker (5 hours ago)
Did #2 say..."Police State Control Grid"?Wake Up!Wake Up Now!
iloveterriers (5 hours ago)
Lots of Americans suffer from a peculiar form of narcissism that revolves around their social circles and creating "illusions" that their lives are perfect. They don't want negativity in their lives. This is more common among the women (I am a woman, so I know). The men seem more aware of this, but the women want to believe "things will be ok."
iloveterriers (5 hours ago)
Maybe they will bring in nurses from foreign countries. Cheaper labour too.
iloveterriers (5 hours ago)
Becky S. is a fat idiot. Sorry, I know that sounds offensive and I apologise to any people of larger girth here, but I can't stand her!!!!!!
iloveterriers (5 hours ago)
I keep asking my husband why people are acting like everything is normal when all the houses say "bank foreclosures" on them and all the shops are empty or for rent. I'm telling you now that Americans suffer from a form of insular narcissism. They want to think positive. They can't deal with anything that invades their sense of "perfect" non-reality. This is a FACT. Read Morris Berman's "Dark Ages America" and read more about this strange mental malady.
SolitonPL (4 hours ago)
It will be really funny to see their faces when they finally woke up as like this attacked students during the G-20 meeting. They were totally surprised ... :) Stupid bitches watching "American Idol" suddenly faced with the real NWO. This was for them one big WTF haha Sheeple better wake up now before it's to late!
only2percent (5 hours ago)
The Flying Pigs vaccination hoax is a smoke screen for the military to move in. Stay sober. Keep your eyes peeled.
Modeltrainguy (5 hours ago)
Many people defend "Obama and say he's doing a great job". OK. Let me ask you, the Obama Supporter: What 'great job' is that he's doing?
only2percent (5 hours ago)
The non-responsiveness of the majority is normal. It's in the Human nature. Beyond a certain societal saturation the truth has no power, - for the sheeple it's 'The Power' that has 'The truth'.
unchainedunbroken (5 hours ago)
bald spot @ 0:32 ;-P
piggiesmalls123 (5 hours ago)
bout time.. you got the microphone,yell!!! fucking yell dude... being civil and polite has its place,but this is urgent.. turn up the volume...
aARIESsSs (5 hours ago)
he acts just like Alex!
AZRacer2000 (5 hours ago)
People get Ready! We must NOT become violent! Refuse to comply, refuse to submit! Peaceful non conformity is the only way we can win! Some of Us may be hurt or jailed, but so was Paul and Solzenitsyn!
GodGunsGutsGlory4G (4 hours ago)
Hey AZRacer. Yeah, sometimes i feel like I'd want to shoot those Nazi's in the face and get rid of their bodies like on Dexter!!!!Note, i said FEEL like doing that. I will protect myself when the time comes though.Watching back the G20 clips you can tell those guys in the black masks were fake. Put there to incite trouble & of course that is what CNN focused on. Not the TRUE protesters just standing on the street. Last night I went to a meeting in Phoenix. I forgot to tell you about it
dx11101 (5 hours ago)
Obama's gonna wait and see what happens to me before he takes his vaccine.
only2percent (5 hours ago)
Comment removed by author
SolitonPL (5 hours ago)
Bermas tell about ZIONISTS? Why don't you tell?Offshore banks yeaahh right! ZIONISM is behind NEW WORLD ORDER! That the head of the NWO!SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN
piggiesmalls123 (4 hours ago)
when 3 billion obese retards die,only then will things change for the better.get your flu shots and die,please.
early2it (4 hours ago)
IMO Its the truthers that are asleep?There is no such thing as freedom, there never has been, its all an illusion, don't you get it?There is going to be no mass awakening, no one is going to save you.You people will either get your minds right with God and stop mouthing off about the truth and start believing it for a change, or you won't.Its going to be interesting to see if you'll make it in time or not.
only2percent (4 hours ago)
The masses will not save us. They will stampede and crush the establishment. Some party will take over. Lenin said, 'There is such a party!', when no one wanted to lead the devastated Russia. I do not know of any organized group in the USA, capable of leading, after the chaos breaks out in Americas.
rad4life1 (4 hours ago)
*Man can believe God becoming man to save him, but cannot believe that he IS God to save himself.*
tym729 (4 hours ago)
where did the quote come from?
ELMOcall911 (4 hours ago)
Absolutly be honest humanity wants freedom but they dont want the responsibility that comes with it...i mean the Founders of america had this concept but literrally got lost..i have seen tones of political action by the people of canada then any other country.
rad4life1 (4 hours ago)
I find something wrong with people when they dont want the responsibility to care for eachother and themselves. The monetary system must end in order for humanity to learn this! And yes, the Founders had a good idea that became bastardized and totally switched 180 degrees in the name of what it stands for! And that hurts!
ELMOcall911 (3 hours ago)
Thats what 2012 is about and more...we are in the process of learning this crazy lesson...FREEDOM=RESPONSIBILIT Y, dude obama preaches about national security i say FUCK THAT it makes you weak and dependent...abraham lincoln wrote a letter to the general saying that he fears for his country because of a corporate take over...good God he already predicted this and look what is happening now..."THE AMERICAN DREAM" i understood it now i think i finally know what it means even though i am canadian
goldlion30000 (4 hours ago)
well we have grow lazy but i agree
blt40 (4 hours ago)
cant wait to see all the law suits comeing from if your boss fires you for not takeing the shot.
togalogs (4 hours ago)
Things are happening SO slowly that most people just don't see it...
GodGunsGutsGlory4G (4 hours ago)
Redhead4truth (2 hours ago)
Well, they are actually happening very quickly.... but relative to the minute American attention span, it's a million years between events, and the dots are never connected.
lpunderg (4 hours ago)
No offense to Jason, but everytime I listen to him it sounds like he is trying to copy Alex more and more in the way he talks..
EjaculusMaximus (4 hours ago)
"the truth will be drowned in the sea of irrelevance" - Huxley, Brave New World
RedFoxRadio (4 hours ago)
People wont stand up there to bizy pay there bills and debt and wont do anything till it happens to them but by then it will be way to late.
MrGixxer666 (4 hours ago)
Join your local constitutional militia!!!<---thumbs up
MrGixxer666 (3 hours ago)
Xx7Zeithious7xX (3 hours ago)
Surely you do know that the director of "2012" doesn't believe in the events of 2012.
jcfan42 (58 minutes ago)
The movie looks totally unrealistic from its own trailer, anyway.
RightfullyReticent (3 hours ago)
I know EXACTLY how you feel, Jason. I recently tried to wake up another friend of mine just last weekend. The whole time I told her "I have proof", she kept yelling on the other end of the phone, "No, it's not true, it's a lie, you're a liar, and I'm too scared to believe that and this whole NWO thing doesn't add up. It doesn't make sense". Shows how much SHE knows. I was so upset that I hung up on her for yelling at me and not listening. And she WANTS to WORK for the government, too. :
cuzimaluzer77 (3 hours ago)
Bermas went off!!!
1984IcameandIstayed (3 hours ago)
America has been hijacked and most don't know or care to know.
Seantherad (3 hours ago)
Bermis is Kicken ass.Commin into his own.
hurchel (2 hours ago)
Dear Bermey, I attended a council meeting and my ladyfriend on the council asked if I wanted to go to a fundraiser held by a lady mayor in my next city, so we went and it was late, so I sat with a councilwoman, a mayor, and another lady I sat next to was the mayor of another adjoining city...We talked about a lot, the shot, (lots of you tube videos) fraud by developers, and none of the lady politicians say 60-65 yr, were on the internet or you tube, we need to get our politicians to you tube!
jeremiahsineiii (2 hours ago)
We are a Republic of egotistical little god wannabes. Neighbors shun neighbors. Why, the average American can't even spell Fascism, why would they fight it? As far as I am concerned, let it all rot. There are few worth saving, that's for sure.
felicity5155 (1 hour ago)
You are right jeremiah... America needs to purge. It is inevitable.
jjiggydoc (2 hours ago)
you guys get on here and talk for other people you dont know who cares or dont care then wanna say none worth saving fuck u foreign fucks who talk shit about americans you dont know nothing about us not all of us are idiots or cowards like you might think u talk alot of shit but americans have died through out history standing up for what they believe in so when you want to comment leave your opinion or w/e but dont fucking sit there and talk for everyone because you dont know shit
jjiggydoc (2 hours ago)
you want people to believe then make them study it give them all the proof u can its like asking non believers in god to just believe because you tell them some people just need to see shit before they believe it you cant make them believe anything all you can do when shtf they will wake up but then it will be to late and oh well you tried nothing more you or i or anyone else can do but try
SATANSbankers (2 hours ago)
New Jersey said it's Mandatory for Children to take the H1N1 Vaccine to enter School.
Silberhorter (2 hours ago)
fuck useless vaccinations! oh my hell! serving 1 out of 200000. get vitamin D+colloidal silver!
zig1235 (2 hours ago)
we do need to cut back on having the children
freedomnow2012 (1 hour ago)
October will be one Hell of a ride!
dunn98632 (1 hour ago)
Why don't we just go old school and just walk right up to our goverment with our guns and say get the fuck out to ewveryone we even think is involved and if they do not comply we will imprison them and if the threaten then shoot them. Y ou are going to say no because we still got stuff to live for lives still to lead and a work to go to and a home to come home too i think when it does get to the point of not having that home to come home to or a life to lead then we all will revolt .
deepdroner (1 hour ago)Swine Flu vaccinations are starting to be pushed big time here in Australia. At least it's not mandatory to have this shot...yet.
MrSpieldose (1 hour ago)
I sit in classes and hear the Obama zombies talk about waiting for Obama to tell them what to do... The vaccine is a good example... "Obama says it is safe" I am like WTF???
MonkeysMovies (1 hour ago)
It's like I was watching a bad Alex Jones impersonation.How can anyone take you seriously when you're trying so hard to be someone else & your very personality comes across as fake? Be true to yourself first.
averageworkinggal (1 hour ago)
The NWO has collapsed.Ken Lewis, head of Bank of America, lost his job.That must be why Bermas has not been rounded up into a FEMA camp by now.There is no NWO until Bermas is rounded up into a FEMA camp.
txranger63 (1 hour ago)
They really should give links to the articles they reference. Most appear to be online articles. why not link us to the articles?
alex3914 (52 minutes ago)
It's some average guy that decided to run this amatuer channel.I guess this channel's controller wants the NWO to win or something...he's not even posting articles referenced in the videos.
NorfWeezey (54 minutes ago)
No matter how much we stand up...The real push is towards a global government with Satan and the False Prophet side by side setting up their throne in the newly rebuilt temple at the temple mount in Jerusalem.The rophecies are all cming to pass...9/10 of them have already and the final one is happening right now.THATS what we nee to wake up to.Protesting, Rioting, demanding is gonna absolutely NOTHING. In the end it is the VATICAN that want this new world order to fulfil the prophecy.
chainspell (28 minutes ago)
You are only "filling in" for the head nutjob, you don't have to pretend to yell like him...
tf8252 (20 minutes ago)
All the vital substance to what he said and some people can only critique Jason's delivery??? NWO has got you right where they always wanted you.

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