Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who... Has Kidnapped our Government? W.T.O.??

Who Really is the GOVERNMENT?
There seems to be alot of confusion as to what is the responsibility of the people who we identify as members of and / or leaders of our Government!

After thinking about this and a bit of research I have established that it is NOT the Government that is directly responsible for the fall of the USA our dollar and economy! They are however indirectly responsible.
There are many Duties, Responsibilities and Burdens that are attached to the branches of Government (Judicial, Congressional, Legislative)
There is a reason as to why there are these 3 branches, and there is a reason as to why the President can pass NO law of himself and must go through congress for any bill, even with Executive Privlages. The same rule applies to Congress, they can pass NO bill that may affect the soverignty of the US without the approval of the President and he has the ability to Veto. and that is "Checks and Balances"
Remember the Government is suppose to be of the people, working for the people, rich or poor, healthy or sick, successful or repressed!
So then, what happened? why does it lately seem like the Government is doing things that are contrary to the better interest of the people or more importantly US Citizens, Americans, and America herself? One word!... MONEY!
Whether it is speculators of Wallstreet, or the Investors in the markets of Pharmaceuticles, Health-insurance, Micro-chips, Oil, and more...
Big Money! A.I.G.= Corruption= Bail-out! Wall-street= Corruption= Bail-out! again many many more, these were just the most popular. Now, after Billions of dollars of invested to these criminals they are still running things, We are 12 Trillion dollars in debt. (1 Trillion = 1,000 Billion) (1 Billion = 1,000 Million) The value of the dollar has greatly depreciated. Unemployment on the rise. and the sad part of this is while you suffer, and pay more in tax without a job, Wallstreet rejoices and hit record highs!
Have you figured out who runs your government yet?
Right about now your mind should be centered on a handfull of X-people that run the country These are the entities that pull the strings and control EVERYTHING. but they are NOT people or Names that most of you may recognize. They are Major players of Wallstreet... They are Global Bankers... That control your Government... Some names you may Identify... Rockefellers, Bildeburgers, are but 2 families tied to the control, These are not just names as icons of great wealth. but also the architects that are continuousley updating the U.S. Bluprint. They are NOT Humanitarians, What they do, they do for Wealth and Power ONLY.
You and Me are no more that Liabilities to them. They only know and understand money. They Tell the Government what to do.
So for you individuals who would be preparing to rebel, riot, and initiate civil war, Keep this in mind: ...
In order to Initiate Justice, and Terminate evil, You must cut off the head! This means that the people you fight are merely the servants, the real master and leader is hidden behind the black curtain and runs the Iron fist."Cut off the head and the body shall fall"
Your biggest problem! Law and Military... how do you get around them.?? You dont!! Nor do you want to!
These are Citizens and they are your alies. There is a conflict that you will have to contend with and that is the mind... These Individuals are sworn to uphold and enforce the rules of Law, and to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and because of this there becomes a conflict, Your biggest effort is to make them your alies. you Cannot win without their escort. Communication is key and you must communicate to them without the Mystery men being able to interpret or intercept you plans. Use you mind to overthrow this regime that has taken your Governmenr and America Hostage.

If Something is not a benfit to the Security, Sanctity, or Soverignty, of the U.S.A. or the Citizens within then it should not be used. and we can start with this: N.W.O. W.T.O. N.A.F.T.A. G.A.T.T.

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