Sunday, October 18, 2009

ICN NEWS Super Surveillance

ICN NEWS Super Surveillance: Cameras keep track of all cars entering city
House Passes Resolution Encouraging High School Students to Learn Constitution
E-Bomb Doomsday Conference Starts EMP attack
Civil liberties groups: Police overreacted at G-20
Students trapped by police
Alan Watt on Holosonics' Audio Spotlight (12/12/2007). Alan reads from a PR article and comments this technology, a spin-off of decade-old voice-to-skull technology. This totalitarian technology is now becoming public, with a PR/advertising spin on it. The public must be made aware of its dangerous potential for mind control, which certainly justifies Pentagon and G8 interest in it: its ability to wage psychological warfare on every individual, including via hypnotic suggestions. This is certainly something each and every one of us must be concerned about.Alan Watt
Harassment Technology
Commercial Alert
All Businness
Boston Globe

Comments: October 18 2009 10:30pm
BellaBKNY (11 minutes ago)
Yes you are making a HUGE difference sitting at your computer in your boxers watching conspiracy theory videos on youtube lol.. Keep at it! You Sir are changing the world! lololby the way I care very much for people.. which is why I ask this women to stop with the fear mongering.. as it is what she said would happen on the 15th of October didnt her credibility is shot as far as I am concerned..
MRcharlielocks (41 minutes ago)
I happen to know entimes777 personally! She was told by an NCOIC that it would start on the 15th, and it has! It hasn't went nationwide yet, that's all.
WayofChaos (1 hour ago)
You're right! life is way too short, if you're sitting there always thinking about yourself! I don't do that, i stand up and fight for what's right, not only for me but for everybody who follows me long after i'm gone! the only ones who should recieve pity are people like you, Life's too long for people who don't care to make a difference while they're here! HONEY!
MyShatDontStink (1 hour ago)
Dirty BastardsHitler Would Be Proud!
MrKiNgKoNgStAm (2 hours ago)
Their just products of the system, they think their doing their job but not only are they doing the opposite their abusing the badge and hurting the people their suppose to protect!
naturalrootlawn (7 hours ago)
Big brother planning on a false flage if MASS poweroutage goes out or the internet goes down BUG-OUT PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BellaBKNY (7 hours ago)
Please stop with your fear mongering.. this is asinine...
WayofChaos (7 hours ago)
BellaBKNY Why? does the truth hurt that much? Please stop with your white flag waving conformity! To think that your government couldn't possibly be corrupt is the only thing that's asinine!
BellaBKNY (2 hours ago)
Way of Chaos.. your name says it all.. life to way to short to be acting like the sky is always falling sweety.. I feel bad for you.. truly
Gordieiati (10 hours ago)
Interesting Voice 2 Skull info!since the 1950's ehI have had a hell of a time convincing people that this technolgy feels good to know that the TRUTH is finally becoming available for others to see for themselves....God BlessGordon

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